Electric Services

Our experienced team conducts inspections to enhance the safety and efficiency of your electrical systems.

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To submit an updated resume and certifications,
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JW Lorett
jwlorett@keginspection.com 918 688-3436
VP of Operations
Jimmy Crawford
jcrawford@keginspection.com 918 998-8363
VP of EHS and Compliance
Jason Bowling
jason@soss.us info@soss.us www.soss.us 918 605-5352
VP of Field Services
Kris Lorett
klorett@keginspection.com 918 221-1739
HR Director
Savanna Garcia
sgarcia@keginspection.com 918-779-4272
Business Development Manager
Cornell Scarborough
cscarborough@keginspection.com 918-392-7872 (Office) 918-710-5516 (Cell)
Accounts Payable
Michele Lorett